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The Bonedust Dolls

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The Bonedust Dolls
Author(s) Kevin Andrew Murphy
Publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC
Serialized February–July 2013
Released 2013
Type Short Fiction
Series Pathfinder's Journal
Chapters 6 chapters
Follows Light of a Distant Star
Precedes Sweet Ichor
Artwork from The Bonedust Dolls

The Bonedust Dolls is a novella in six parts written by Pathfinder Tales author Kevin Andrew Murphy set in the Irriseni city of Whitethrone. The story was released in print throughout the Reign of Winter Adventure Path in 2013. The novella features the characters Norret Gantier and his brother Orlin, whose story has previously been told in "The Secret of the Rose and Glove", "The Perfumer's Apprentice" and "Thieves Vinegar".


The Bonedust Dolls features the following characters:


1. "The Wintermarket" - The Snows of Summer (74)

2. "The Cocoa Pot" - The Shackled Hut (76)

3. "Porcelain Street" - Maiden, Mother, Crone (74)

4. "The Bone Bridge" - The Frozen Stars (76)

5. "Web of Secrets" - Rasputin Must Die! (76)

6. "The Ivory Tower" - The Witch Queen's Revenge (76)


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