Karatha Obbaros

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Karatha Obbaros
Karatha Obbaros
Alignment Lawful good
Race/Species Human
Class Cleric
Gender Female
Homeland Vigil, Lastwall
Deity Iomedae
Companion(s) Roubris Chor

Source: Ghosts of Broken Blades

Karatha Obbaros is a priestess of Iomedae, serving her goddess in the Cathedral of Sancta Iomedaea‎ in Vigil.[1]


Karatha is young and is often attired in white robes, typical of her order. She is clearly a competent warrior with an athletic build. She has long brown hair, eyes of blue and an angular appearance to her face.


Karatha truly believes the tenets of her faith and acts instinctively in an honourable and valorous fashion. She is acquainted with Roubris Chor whom she sees as someone genuinely interested in aiding the souls he finds on battlefields. She would like to show Chor the way to belief in Iomedae. In battle, she is brave and capable.

In 4711 AR, she accompanied Chor on his mission to find an abandoned temple's treasure, which was the payment Serth offered for his soul's release from his longsword.


Karatha has a longsword as her main weapon; the blade is silvered and it is called Severance. She wields a shield bearing the arms of Iomedae.


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