Roubris Chor

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Roubris Chor
Roubris Chor
Race/Species Human
Class Rogue
Gender Male
Homeland Vigil, Lastwall
Companion(s) Karatha Obbaros

Source: Ghosts of Broken Blades

Roubris Chor is a man of Vigil in Lastwall in possession of a special talent which provides him his income: he can hear the voices of souls entrapped in weapons.[1]


Chor is a brown haired, unshaven man with a no nonsense approach to life: he needs money to survive and has a gift which provides him an income. He often looks muddy and scruffy from his time raking through battlefield mud. Nevertheless, he still has an eye for the ladies.


Roubris has a special talent for hearing the voices of souls trapped in weaponry left in battlefields; he does not know from where this gift comes or how it works. He actively seeks out these souls then takes the entrapping weapon to the Cathedral of Sancta Iomedaea‎ in Vigil, where his acquaintance and friend, Karatha Obbaros uses the power of Iomedae to release the souls to the afterlife due to them. He will do this only for souls that provide him with access to a monetary reward or grant him secrets, with which he can extort a financial reward for his work.

He has no religion himself but respects those that do; he sometimes feels guilty about extorting money from the souls he helps, often in Karatha's presence.

Chor has learnt the ways of a rogue, picking locks and being quick with one's hands, since childhood when his mother taught him the tricks of the trade.


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