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Titles Katiyana the Eternal,
the Avatar of the Hungry Storm,
Handmaiden of Sithhud,
the Harrower of All Creation
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Half-fiend sylph (ghost)
Class Cleric 9
Gender Female
Homeland Alabastrine Peaks, Crown of the World
Deity Sithhud

Source: The Hungry Storm, pg(s). 54

Katiyana is a half-fiend sylph who seeks to return her deity Sithhud back to the status of demon lord by directing the living blizzards known as morozkos from the Crown of the World.[1]


Katiyana is a lithe and graceful woman with pale blue skin marked with white whorls, lustrous midnight blue hair, and blue-black wings. Her silvery fingernails glint like razors.[1]


Katiyana was born to the succubus Croicu and the sylph wizard Tornaq, whom she seduced and tortured before siring a daughter with him. As Croicu showed Tornaq their half-demon daughter, she granted him a merciful death, and in his dying breath he named the child Katiyana.[1]

Croicu gave Katiyana to the cult of Sithhud. She proved a keen student with an affinity for necromancy and magical compulsions, and was taught by the cult that the entire world considered her an abomination that needed to be killed, except for the cult members that, supposedly, saved her from a neglectful father. She put her hope in the return of Sithhud, who was previously betrayed and demoted from full demon lord to nascent demon lord status: once he reclaimed his previous position, she would become his handmaiden.[1]

Katiyana returned to her father's old home in the Crown of the World and started erecting basalt monoliths in Sithhud's name to control the morozkos raging in the arctic, which she planned to send south to kill enough victims and fuel Sithhud's return. She allied with fell creatures of the north, raised undead servants and corrupted allies, like the Erutaki oracle Tunuak.[1]


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