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Titles Frozen Lord
Realm The Razormaze Glaciers, Jhuvumirak, the Abyss
Alignment Chaotic evil
Areas of Concern Blizzards
The frozen dead
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E) Chaos, Death, Evil, Weather
Subdomains (1E) Demon, Ice, Storms, Undead
Favored Weapon Longsword
Symbol Icy 3-fingered bone hand
Sacred Animal Wolf
Sacred Colors Blue, white

In the annals of the Abyss, Sithhud, the Frozen Lord, is an example of a rare occurrence: the descent, or demotion, of a fully fledged demon lord to the lower ranks of a nascent demon lord.[1]

Background, home, and relationships

Sithhud once completely controlled the cold Abyssal realm of Jhuvumirak until the demon lord Kostchtchie arrived with his army and defeated the incumbent and claimed the realm as his own. To this day, Kostchtchie rules in Jhuvumirak, while Sithhud hides in the highest peaks of the realm where the Deathless Frost has yet to search.[1][2]

Sithhud's unholy symbol is a frost-caked, skeletal, three-fingered hand or claw.[1][3]


Sithhud appears as a twisted and strange humanoid: three spindly legs support a frozen, deformed skeleton figure. The Frozen Lord possesses a breath of blizzards that kills and animates his victims as undead vassals.[1]


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