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Kesten Garess

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Kesten Garess
Kesten Garess.

House Garess (disowned)
Source: Stolen Land, pg(s). 15

Kesten Garess is a mercenary currently serving as a town guard at Oleg's Trading post in the Stolen Lands.1


Kesten's father, Evan, is a cousin of Howlan, the head of House Garess, though Kesten himself has been disowned by his father.1


Born a scion of one of Brevoy's eight major noble families, Kesten was disowned by his father under a cloud of scandal when his affair with a low-born weaver's daughter named Tania became public. Kesten subsequently fled to Restov to serve as a mercenary, eventually volunteering to lead a small group of soldiers to guard Oleg's Trading Post and the South Rostland Road. When he arrived, he made it clear he sought a Varisian named Falgrim Sneeg that he had served with in the past; Sneeg fled the mercenary group for a life of banditry in the Greenbelt after stealing from the group.12


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