House Garess

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House Garess
Type Noble house
Leader Lord Howlan Garess
Headquarters Brevoy

Source: Stolen Land, pg(s). 63

House Garess is based in the western part of Brevoy, in the foothills of the Golushkin Mountains.[1] It is led by Lord Howlan Garess, who is a widower. His adoptive heir is Toval Golka, a dwarf and son of the clan-chief of the Golka dwarves' holding. Howlan's own son disappeared in the Vanishing along with all the Golka dwarves, deep inside dwarven hold of Golushkin within the Golushkin Mountains.[2]

House Garess' crest is that of a snow-capped mountain peak in gray set against a dark blue field. There is a silvery crescent moon in the upper right corner, and there is a black hammer across the base of the peak. The Houses' motto is "Strong as the Mountains."[2]

House Garess had a good relationship with the Golka dwarves until the dwarves vanished. Members of the house worked the metal that the dwarves mined.[2]

The House has built several strongholds, Highdelve and Grayhaven, in the Golushkin Mountains.[2]