Khari Dottari

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Khari Dottari
Type City guards
Headquarters Khari, Archduchy of Longmarch, Cheliax
Goals Enforce the rule of House Thrune
Scope Local
Structure Military

Source: Paizo Blog

The guards and wardens of the Chelish city of Khari are known as the Khari Dottari.[1]

The name dottari is used to denote Chelish city guards elsewhere in the country, such as the Westcrown Dottari.[2]


Khari is a former Rahadoumi city, and it still contains rebels who wish to return the city to Rahadoumi rule, particularly among the native Garundi gentry. The dottari, sometimes with the aid of the Order of the Rack, actively arrests, tortures, and kills such dissenters and rebels.[1]


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