Westcrown Dottari

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Westcrown Dottari

City guards
Maintain the peace and defend the city
Source: The Bastards of Erebus, pg(s). 49-50

The guards and wardens of the Chelish city of Westcrown are known as the Westcrown Dottari. They are commanded by Duxotar Iltus Mhartis who is the "high warden" of the city who answers only to the mayor.1 The term dottari denotes Chelish city guards elsewhere in the country.2


Members of the Westcrown Dottari wear the emblem of the city, the Aroden's Eye, stenciled in black over a red field on a shield or tabard. Officers wear the mark reversed (red on black field) on their left arms. The officers' rank is indicated from the exact position of the mark. Lesser officers have the mark on the shoulder, higher officers on the forearm. The duxotar, or warden-major in command of all guards, who only answers to the mayor, has the mark on a ring.1


Dottari always travel in squads of seven—six soldiers and one lieutenant. Five squads report to each captain and at least three captains report to each major. There are at least two majors per rego or sector reporting to each of the four "durotasi" or "rank wardens".1

Officially the dottari are one singular order under the control of the duxotar. Personal vendettas and politics divide the dottari into four nearly independent subdivisions: the "common dottari" of the streets and gates, the "condottari" of the canals and waterways, the "rundottari" of the ruins to the north of the city and the "regidottari" of the palace.3

Common dottari

Durotas Saria Roccin controls the common dottari who man the gates and patrol the streets of the Spera.3


Durotas Scasi Bolvona commands the condottari or "canal wardens". With at least two adels and a sail barge at official docks on each floating marina, condottari patrol the Westchannel, the Dhaenflow, and the canals of the Regicona.3


Durotas Arik Tuornos controls the rundottari. The "ruin wardens" are based out of Keep Dotar in the northeastern Rego Cader. Their primary task is to monitor the walls of Rego Cader and keep the dangers of the ruins contained. The posting is one of social punishment and low prestige.3


Durotas Lhiana Strikis controls the regidottari or "palace wardens".3


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