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Knights of the Western Star

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Knights of the Western Star
Type Knightly order
Headquarters Lost Sanctum of Aroden
Goals Serve the Living God Aroden
Scope Regional
Structure Almorains
Members Magi

Source: A Song of Silver, pg(s). 71-73

At the height of Imperial Azlant, the Knights of the Western Star formed one of the two sects of the Azlanti shining order of armored magi known as the Knights of the Ioun Star. They served the emperor and the empire's Throne of Glass directly in business and intrigue within the empire, while the Knights of the Eastern Star searched the lands beyond the empire's borders for secret lore.[1]

The few Knights of the Western Star who survived Earthfall eventually came to serve the Living God Aroden, whom they believed to be an embodiment of the Last Azlanti prophecy, the Starfall Doctrine, while the Knights of the Eastern Star never believed that the god, Aroden, was truly the Last Azlanti.

The legendary, lost Sanctum of Aroden, somewhere below the streets of Absalom, became the modern headquarters of Aroden's faithful Knights of the Ioun Star.[2]

Records of the knights accompanying Aroden in the early years of the city of Absalom abound, and armored Knights of the Ioun Star stood alongside the human cultural hero in his struggles against the Whispering Tyrant, his defense of Absalom, and other adventures from the Age of Destiny through to the Age of Enthronement.[1]

Remnants of the ancient Azlanti Knights of the Western Star, that once served as Aroden's personal guard, perished when they were sealed within the Sanctum of Aroden under Absalom, upon the god's death.[3]

Ancient History

In -6270 AR, during the Age of Legend, Imperial Azlanti authorities divined the location of the exiled wizard-prince Nhur Athemon, in Brokenhelm Hill, on top of the Emerald Spire, in what today is the northwestern River Kingdoms.[4][5] They then launched a powerful attack, with an army of the Knights of the Ioun Stone, lead by Lady Estrekan of Almorain Blue, Knight Commandant of the Western Star.[6]