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Titles the Corrupted
(formerly Herald of Sarenrae)
Alignment Chaotic evil (formerly neutral good)
Race/Species Planetar
Gender Male
Homeland Pit of Gormuz
Deity Rovagug (formerly Sarenrae)
Died -3923 AR

Source: Mythic Realms, pg(s). 28

Kohal was a herald of Sarenrae who was destroyed by the inhabitants of the Ninshaburian city of Gormuz in -3923 AR. Sarenrae had sent him to give the people of Gormuz a final warning to leave the city, as it was built upon the scar over the Dead Vault, the prison holding Rovagug. In retribution, the goddess smote the city with her scimitar, tearing a deep gash in the earth that became known as the Pit of Gormuz. Kohal's corpse fell into the newly-created Pit of Gormuz. A century later, Rovagug resurrected him as a twisted abomination made of molten lava. He now resides in the Court of Fallen Righteousness, with a group of equally insane followers of Rovagug. The imprisoned god constantly whispers into his mind of his past as a herald and Kohal plots numerous plans to invade Nirvana to take revenge on Sarenrae, but he and his minions are too disorganised to act on these plans. Redeeming and restoring Kohal is practically impossible, but such an act would be a major blow to Rovagug.[1]


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