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Type Fey
CR 4
Environment Temperate forests

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 173

Korreds are a type of fey resembling small humanoids with pointed ears, large beards, and thick, knotted hair. Their hair grows very quickly, up to an inch per day.[1]

Behavior and society

Korreds are reclusive by nature, and prefer to avoid interactions with humanoid species. They tend to react violently to being discovered by other beings, and often seek to kill or drive off intruders who enter their territories.[1]

Korreds greatly enjoy dancing, often doing so within stone circles or forest clearings. They are often joined by satyrs, who accompany their dancing with panpipe music.[1][2]

Typical korred clothing is simple and made of leather. It usually consists of a single jerkin or apron, with a pouch or pocket to hold its owner's belongings. Korreds usually go barefoot.[1]

In Golarion

Korreds are among the fey native to the Storith Wood of Iobaria, where they defend the remnants of the forest from logging and the growth of the neighboring human settlements.[3] They can also be found along the edges of the Hoofwood.[2]


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