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Commander of the Ironfang Legion
Cavalier 17 (fell rider)
(order of the dragon)
Lands of the Linnorm Kings (birthplace);
Storval Plateau (more recently)
Animal Companion
Drakestomper (yzobu)
Source: Vault of the Onyx Citadel, pg(s). 60

Kraelos Dragonslayer is a hobgoblin cavalier of the order of the dragon with a legendary reputation of being a dragonslayer across Avistan.1 Kraelos is one of the four commanders ranking immediately below Azaersi in the strict hierarchy of the Ironfang Legion; he serves as the army commander,2 which includes responsibility for the Legion's cavalry, and he is seen as Azaersi's second in command.3 He values honour, honesty, and strength, and believes that it is the way of the world that the strong prey upon the weak.1


Kraelos grew up in an arena in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, and, as a young man, never thought of another life. This changed when his master purchased a new gladiator trainer: Lung Tag, a strange hobgoblin captured in the Crown of the World. Claiming to hail from a hobgoblin nation from the other side of Golarion, Lung Tag taught the gladiators honour, patience, and service: to be more than just a killing machine. Under his leadership, the gladiators betrayed their master, burning him and his stable before fleeing south to the Storval Plateau.1

In his new home, Kraelos earned a reputation of killing drakes and dragons, leading his men back and forth between Ustalav, Lastwall, and Belkzen. His band eventually attracted the attention of Azaersi, who wished for a fearless cavalry and Kraelos' notoriety. Seeing Lung Tag's poise and confidence in Azaersi, Kraelos joined her Ironfang Legion after a brief duel.1


Kraelos' current mount is Drakestomper, an fearsome yzobu, or battle yak, that is clad in magical agile breastplate barding, able to trample Kraelos' foes.4


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