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Krinda Vannisar

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Krinda Vannisar
Alignment Lawful good
Race/Species Human (Taldan)
Class Cleric 9
Gender Female
Homeland Babschu-Jong, Zi Ha / New Oppara, Amanandar
Deity Kofusachi
Organization Society of the Five-Spoked Wheel

Source: Occult Realms, pg(s). 41

Krinda Vannisar is the leader of the Society of the Five-Spoked Wheel, a sect of human worshippers of Qi Zhong who care for the human children of the samsarans of Zi Ha, ensuring that all of them are adopted by kind and loving families.[1]


Krinda is the niece of Audrya Vannisar, ruler of the Taldan colony of Amanandar.[1]