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Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 18 (1E)
Tian Xia World Guide, pg(s). 135–137 (2E)

Around 7108 IC, after the fall of Imperial Lung Wa, Tsubokandu (pronounced su-bo-kan-du)1 was one of a dozen bandit lords that ravaged the countryside of what is today Linvarre and besieged the city of Kamikobu, now known as New Oppara. Tsubokandu was renowned as being especially cruel, even for a bandit.23


He was originally a samurai in the neighbouring kingdom of Songbai4 but was exiled for treason instead of committing honourable seppuku. Tsubokandu fought against the founder of Linvarre's predecessor colony of Amanandar, General Orphyrea Amanandar, and was defeated. It is said that when Orphyrea killed Tsubokandu in 7108 IC, his ghost returned home to the remote Daigaki Castle where he lurked while raising an army to take his revenge on the living.23

Vengeful return and invasion

In 7208 IC, he manifested with an army of undead recruited from the Specterwood and marched on southern Amanandar. His return for vengeance was thwarted in 7211 IC by the forces of Amanandar, led by General Audrya Vannisar with tactics devised by her daughter Jiayi Vannisar, a defeat that culminated in Tsubokandu's exorcism in the autumn of that year.53


Many of those who participated in the battle to exorcise Tsubokandu involved became some of Amanandar's most renowned adventurers, and since that period the fall time has been closely associated with adventurers leaving to pursue fortune and glory. These traditions continue today in modern Linvarre, the independent successor of the Taldan colony of Amanandar.1

Since his defeat, Daigaki Castle and its surrounding areas have remained unusually cold, and troops from nearby Mallaru have closed a perimeter around the castle and warn visitors away from the site.6


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