Lake Silverstep

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Location of Lake Silverstep, near the eastern border of the Stolen Lands.

Lake Silverstep is the primary source of water for the Stolen Lands, from which the Gudrin River flows westward. It draws from numerous streams falling into the lake from the steep tors to the east. Because of this, the eastern side of the lake is a locale of great beauty, featuring numerous waterfalls and cascades, with willows, reeds, and lilies laid over great canopies of moss. Numerous caverns lie beneath the eastern falls, and legend has them filled with gems and silver.1


The lake is home to a great diversity of fish, including a variety of small, thick-bodied silver eels that are considered a delicacy and sought after by chefs. Magical inhabitants of the lake include numerous nixies, grigs, and faerie dragons who live among the lake's reed beds and water lilies.2


The fey here whisper tales of the ancient and wise silver dragon Silverstep, in whose honor the lake is named and who once laired in the eastern falls. Silverstep vanished centuries ago, following a fey lover into the First World, but a dragon lives on the lake's shores once again—Eranex, Silverstep's half-fey daughter, who has come to the lake to retrieve a powerful artifact known as Vesper's Rapier before it can fall into the hands of evil worshippers of Count Ranalc.13


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