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Temperate aquatic
Source: Bonus Bestiary, pg(s). 15

A nixie is a small, aquatic fey creature that makes its home in lakes, rivers, and ponds. They often serve as the de facto guardian of their watery homes.1


Nixies resemble human-sized, elven children in their proportions, but when one looks closer the differences are obvious. Firstly, both a nixie's hands and feet are heavily webbed, looking more like a duck's feet or a fishes flipper than a human appendage. Also its skin is covered in very, very fine fish-like scales and has a green tint to it, while a nixies hair closely resembles seaweed. Nixies normally stand about four feet tall and weigh around fifty pounds.1

Habitat and ecology

Nixies can dwell in any body of fresh water ranging from ponds and streams to mighty rivers and huge lakes. Their only preference is for their home to be relatively isolated from civilization. Even when far from other intelligent races, nixies still try to conceal their homes, going to great length to remain hidden. Nixies, while sometimes found alone, often dwell in tribes of up to eighty creatures, although only in the largest lakes and rivers. They prove tenacious guardians of their homes, normally using trickery and deceit to get rid of intruders, but are not above resorting to violence if such methods prove ineffective. They are also known to charm and enslave humanoids to be their guardians or to perform tasks that require greater strength. It's worth noting that while most nixies are shy, peaceful creatures, there are some types of nixie that are not. These nixie delight in luring land creatures to their aquatic home and drowning them. They lure their prey by using their incredible beauty, then watch them drown as they enter their underwater home. These nixies also possess the ability to change their form into that of any aquatic creature.1

Nixies on Golarion

A group of unfriendly nixies and koloiaq dwell in the Jutland Wrecks, the ship graveyard in the Lake of Mists and Veils off the coast of Mendev.2 A reclusive nixie sorceress named Beshvi is said to dwell in the falls of the Pale River above the Katapeshi settlement of Kelmarane.3


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