Faerie dragon

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Faerie dragon

Faerie dragons are mischievous dragon-kin with colorful butterfly wings that are related to pseudodragons. They are mischievous and fun-loving creatures, and spend a good deal of their time preparing for, or playing, elaborate pranks and jokes. They often ally with fey, but they also partner with adventurers that they deem as suitably interesting or entertaining.12


Faerie dragons do not change in size as they age, unlike true dragons, but rather change in color. Their scales, red at birth, shift through the colors of the rainbow as the dragon ages, settling into a deep violet in old age.2

In Golarion

Bands of faerie dragons live on the shores of Lake Silverstep, in the Stolen Lands, alongside several fey.3 They are also among the creatures found in the First World.4


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