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Magical beast
Temperate deserts
Source: Bonus Bestiary, pg(s). 13

A Lammasu is a champion of good with a mighty form that makes its home in some of the most evil and desolate places on Golarion.1


A lammasu has the body of a huge lion 8 feet in length and thick with muscle, from its back sprout a pair of giant, majestic eagle wings. It head is that of a man's, with regal features, eyes flecked with gold and a vast, thick beard and it is often adorned with jewellery fit for a king.1

Habitat and ecology

Lammasu dwell in hot deserts often amongst old ruins or other remote areas where evil can be found and fought. Lammasu are at their core champions of goodness tirelessly fighting evil and protecting the weak and helplessly. They are related to the similarly benevolent buraq. Despite their good nature many find them arrogant, condescending and dismissive as they tend to view most creatures smaller than them as weak and helpless and therefore in need of their protection. Even if they can upset those they protect it is unintentional. When a lammasu witnesses a creature actively fighting against evil this attitude quickly changes and any creature who earns a lammasu's respect finds it to be a noble ally and father-like mentor that is incredibly knowledgeable about how best to vanquish evil. A lammasu will sacrifice itself to protect the innocent but it will not give up its life frivolously. In combat lammasu general uses their innate magic to make themselves more powerful before tearing their foes apart with their claws.1