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From PathfinderWiki
Type Magical beast
CR 5
Environment Warm mountains

Source: Pathfinder 20: House of the Beast, pg(s). 80-81

Servants of divine goodness buraq are wise, benevolent creatures that serve as either advisers or in some cases mounts for the virtuous.


The Buraq is a large magical beast with the body of a shining, pure white horse. What denotes its magical nature is the human head, normally richly adorned with golden jewellery that sits atop it equine neck. The faces differs with gender the same way a human face does, with males preferring big, black beards and females favouring veils.[1] It also has beautiful rainbow-colored wings that can dazzle the minds of those who look upon it and a tail of rich peacock feathers. They are slightly smaller than the similar pegasus[2] as they are only 5 feet at the shoulder.[3]

Habitat & Ecology

Buraqs dwell atop hot mountains, normally desert mountains, those seeking their advice are often forced to climb these mountains as a test. From their mountainous homes they soar high in the sky and are able to call down lightning from the hot desert sky to strike their foes. Buraqs normally live alone, even when they have chosen a life long mate they live separately, only rarely visiting each other. They are long lived creature with most reaching two hundred but some reported to be as old as five hundred. The only exception is when they have given birth then the family stays together until the child is five and strong enough to look after itself. On rare occasions a group of up to four buraqs will come together to form a group called a "wisdom" to decide how best to deal with a mutual threat or problem.[3]

The buraq is related to the lammasu and is similarly known for its wisdom. As creatures of goodness buraq happily share their wisdom with any goodly creature who seeks it and they are renowned for their kindly charitable nature. Sometimes buraq even agree to serve as a mount but only for a person who is a paragon of goodness and even then they are normally required to complete some sort of holy quest. The most holy buraq devout themselves entirely to the upper planes of Elysium, Heaven and Nirvana, these buraq have coats of pure silver, hair of shimmering gold and the ability to travel between the planes. Like a genie, a buraq can magically create food and water, they can also travel great distances in and instant and can exhale gusts of wind so powerful they can be used as a weapon.[3]