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Abyssal larvae
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Larvae, also called Abyssal larvae and soul larvae, are the grotesque shades of chaotic evil souls in the Outer Rifts.12


A larva is a pale, maggot-like creature between one and three feet long with a face that resembles an insectile reformation of the living being it once was.12


Most larvae manifest as mindless beings in the upper layers of the Outer Rifts but can form anywhere in their depths.1 A handful of larvae, typically those of especially evil or powerful mortal souls, retain memories of their life in the Universe.12


Larvae bite anything that bothers them. Those who spend long enough eating the filth of the Outer Rifts transform into demons,1 the nature of which depends on their composition of sins from their mortal lives. Some powers of the Outer Rifts manipulate larvae to become specific types of demons or unique creatures enhanced through surgical magic.2

Larvae are hunted, however, as well-fed larvae can be used in vile magic to empower or accelerate the formation of other demons with compatible sins, or simply eaten as a tasty morsel. Fiends and night hags value larvae enough that they use the creatures as a form of currency in barter.12


Larvae can only bite and are immune to diseases and poisons.3


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