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Any oceans (First World)
Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 240-241

Leviathan is the mightiest of the Tane, a group of the Eldest's destructive servants.1


Leviathan is a massive sperm whale-like creature measuring nearly 150 feet long. It has a hundred red eyes and rows of sharp teeth, and is capable of 'swimming' in air as if it were water.1


Leviathan spends most of its time sleeping for millennia or singing in the First World's vast oceans. The Eldest's whims, planar upheavals, or foolish aggression can arouse Leviathan as a weapon of mass destruction, at which point it rampages through and destroys whole nations, preserving the thoughts of its victims and composing elegies to them; not even Ragadahn would dare challenge an awakened Leviathan. It is possible to hide from Leviathan's rampage in Zanziveil, the City of the Spared, a demiplane accessible only via Leviathan's entrails whose ruler, Zizipal, is suspected to be a manifestation of Leviathan's curiosity and remorse.12

Leviathan has visited countless Material Plane worlds across history. Tales of its visits endure in the survivors' oral history, and many planets share similar mythologies of ancient civilisations falling victim to Leviathan.1

Should Leviathan die, it is instead transported across time and space to a hidden spot in the First World's oceans some time in the future, where its body fully recovers but lies in a death-like coma. Leviathan can be killed forever only if its immobile body is discovered and destroyed, otherwise it awakens a century after being slain.1


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