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Luma Derexhi

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Luma Arcadios Derexhi
Luma Derexhi
Aliases 'Mouse' or 'Mouseling'
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Half-elf
Class Druid 5
Gender Female
Homeland Magnimar, Varisia
Organization House Derexhi
Born 4682 AR (age 38)
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Source: Blood of the City

Luma Arcadios Derexhi, born in 4682 AR, is the eldest daughter of Magnimarian nobleman Randred Derexhi and elven Red Mantis assassin Melune.[1] Despite being Randred's eldest child, her half-elven heritage means she is considered illegitimate, and that leaves her an outcast among her siblings: twins Arrus and Iskola; Eibadon; Ulisa; and Ontor. Among her family she is often referred to as 'Mouse' or 'Mouseling'. Luma is a cobblestone druid, with an innate connection to the city of Magnimar, who listens to what she calls the "citysong" to help her navigate the settlement and intuitively read its inhabitants.[2]

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