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House Derexhi

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House Derexhi
Type Commercial
Leader Randred Derexhi
Headquarters Alabaster District, Magnimar
Scope Local
Members Family

Source: Magnimar, City of Monuments, pg(s). 17

House Derexhi is a family-run business that has offered guards and protection duties to those in Magnimar, whether for short or extended periods, since Magnimar was formed. They also are hired as private investigators and rescuers.[1]

These guard duties pay the bills, but what really makes the family money is from the reputation of its top squad. This top squad comprises the most capable members, and they are brought in to do the hardest and most delicate missions.[2] Being a founding family of the city, they have a seat on the city's ruling council, the Council of Ushers.


The Derexhi crest features a falcon rampant with a silver sword clutched in its talon.[3]

Notable members

Notable employees

Former employees