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Lyrie Akenja

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Lyrie Akenja
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Human (Varisian)
Class Wizard 4
Gender Female
Homeland Varisia
Familiar Cat named Skivver
Images of Lyrie Akenja

Source: Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition, pg(s). 59

Lyrie Akenja, a young and aspiring wizard, shows strong interest in learning more about Thassilonian ruins, runes, and magic. By joining a small bandit group, she found the resources she needed to continue her studies.[1]


At one point, Lyrie Akenja attempted to join the Pathfinder Society in Magnimar as an initiate. However, her chances to be a Pathfinder were ruined when the society came to suspect—correctly—that she had murdered two fellow hopefuls to better her chances of acceptance. This left Lyrie in desperate straits, so that when an aasimar bandit leader named Nualia Tobyn offered to pay her in platinum to aid her in studying relics from Thassilon, Lyrie quickly agreed and followed Nualia to her hideout in the island of Thistletop.[1]