Madam K's Perfumery

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Madam K's Perfumery is owned by Madam Kawaoh and is located under a filthy butcher's shop in the Jade Quarter of the city of Kalsgard, in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. Ostensibly, the shop sells perfumes and fragrances, but the premises hide a secret shop and business: Madam Kawaoh collects items from the continent of Tian Xia that travellers from those lands may be forced to sell as they enter the world of Avistan. She then offers the original owners first choice at repurchasing these items, often heirlooms, once they have better gained their feet in their new home. The tiny 'Perfumery' hides a vast archive area in which the many items, including magical ones, are stored awaiting their original owners. Very rarely are non-Tian folk allowed to view the archive, and only those who have aided Madam Kawaoh.1