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Thira Ash-Eyes

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Thira Ash-Eyes
Thira Ash-Eyes.
Titles King of Kalsgard
Linnorm King (since 4719 AR)
Race/Species Human (Ulfen)
Homeland Kalsgard, Thanelands, Lands of the Linnorm Kings
Images of Thira Ash-Eyes

Source: Lost Omens World Guide, pg(s). 113

King Thira Ash-Eyes is the Linnorm King of the Thanelands and the region's capital city of Kalsgard. She succeeded her father, King Sveinn Blood-Eagle, after he retired and set sail for the legendary resting land of Valenhall. She claimed her throne in the traditional manner: by slaying a linnorm.[1]


Thira is among more than a score of Sveinn Blood-Eagle's children.[2] Among her siblings are Uldren Orcsbane, Birgun Whale-Eater, and Yngvilda, who rallied their supporters and made unsuccessful bids to succeed their father after he announced his departure to Valenhall.[3]