Thira Ash-Eyes

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Thira Ash-Eyes
Thira Ash-Eyes.

King of Kalsgard
Linnorm King (since 4719 AR)
Source: Lost Omens Legends, pg(s). 111

King Thira Ash-Eyes is the Linnorm King of the Thanelands and the region's capital city of Kalsgard. She succeeded her father, King Sveinn Blood-Eagle, after he retired and set sail for the legendary resting land of Valenhall. She claimed her throne in the traditional manner: by slaying a linnorm.1


Thira is among more than a score of Sveinn Blood-Eagle's children.2 Among her siblings are Uldren Orcsbane, Birgun Whale-Eater, and Yngvilda.3


Thira was raised in the shadows of her father's accomplishments. Never the tallest or strongest child, she made up for her weaknesses with intelligence and magic, and was often dismissed as a weakling, cheater or 'witch'. Despite that, Sveinn Blood-Eagle recognised Thira as the most capable among his children.4

In 4719 AR, after her father announced his intention to depart for Valenhall, while her siblings rallied their supporters and began squabbling for power, Thira set out to claim the throne the traditional way: by hunting down and claiming the head of a linnorm. She spent months tracking down a crag linnorm, during which she met Nankou, the Varki ranger who had recently become the first non-Ulfen Linnorm King.45

When she reached her chosen prey's lair, Thira resisted the temptation to just cut its head off when it was sleeping, and instead decided to wake it up for a fair fight. Several days after, she dragged the linnorm's head through the streets of Kalsgard amidst disbelieving shouts of cheating and witchcraft, and crowned herself Linnorm King of the Thanelands despite her siblings' objections (particularly that of Uldren Orcsbane, the eldest and most ambitious).5


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