Kalsgard Shipyards

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The seemingly chaotic Kalsgard Shipyards lie along the southern banks of the Rimeflow River within the Oak Quarter of Kalsgard. Though the individual yards are independently owned by various families, they come together in a shipbuilders' guild. The yards are famous for the superior quality of the longships they produce, bringing in customers from throughout the seven kingdoms of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. Sigfastr Gunnarsen is the current Master of Shipyards and is, himself, a master shipwright.1

Many who live in the Oak Quarter supply the Shipyards, including craftsmen, woodcarvers and carpenters. Possibly most famous are the Guhailla family clan who carve exquisite linnorm figureheads that are viewed as high status items and are believed to bring luck to the longships on which they are mounted.2