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Source: Night of Frozen Shadows, pg(s). 56

Kimandatsu is the leader of the Frozen Shadows, the Kalsgard-based branch of the Five Storms oni coalition. In her guise as Thorborg Silverskorr, whom she murdered and whose identity she assumed, she is a powerful and influential merchant factor of the Rimerunners Guild, a merchant guild which has become a branch of the Frozen Shadows.1


During her time in Tian Xia, Kimandatsu served as the chief hunter of the Five Storms. She made her base in the Forest of Spirits and trained tigers to kill or capture enemies of the Five Storms. When the Amatatsu Seal was discovered in Brinewall, she was sent to Avistan to lead the Frozen Shadows and hunt the Amatatsu family.1

In Kalsgard, Kimandatsu reorganised the Frozen Shadows, disguised as a Tian merchant and slowly worked her way to the top of the Rimerunners Guild. She befriended Thorborg Silverskorr, an influential and charismatic shareholder, who taught her the political climate of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings and the Kalsgard market, while Kimandatsu and her ninjas in turn helped Silverskorr's business ventures by manipulating her business rivals into blunders and orchestrating deadly 'accidents' on them, growing her influence.1

During a trade voyage, Kimandatsu murdered Silverskorr and used her shapechanging ability to assume her identity. Returning to Kalsgard, she claimed that Kimandatsu was lost at sea and her shares were given to Silverskorr. As the Rimerunners Guild was slowly converted into a front for the Frozen Shadows, its wealth and power as well as Kimandatsu's grew. After giving a few lucrative loans to Linnorm King Sveinn Blood-Eagle, she rose above suspicion, and purchased the remote fortress of Ravenscraeg from Snorri Stone-Eye as a secret headquarters for the Frozen Shadows so they could expand their influence and continue the hunt for the Amatatsu family.1


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