Maejerex Steeleye

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Maejerex Steeleye, Steeleye
ca. 41st century AR
Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 12 (1E)
The Apocalypse Prophet, pg(s). 59 (2E)

Maejerex—also spelled Maejerx12 and Maejeryx3, and sometimes called Steeleye4 or Maejerex Steeleye—was a dragon warlord of the Isle of Kortos from the 41st to 46th centuries AR, the last major dragon of the Kortos Mounts,4 and the last warlord to successfully unite the Mounts' warring factions. She was killed by a band of adventurers in 4592 AR.567


Maejerex had amethyst-colored scales7 and wore metal armor with cerulean engravings in her draconic form.1


In the 45th century AR, Maejeryx attacked Absalom and damaged the Broken Bastion clock tower.3

After uniting the factions in the Kortos Mounts, Maejerex terrorized the island's inhabitants before falling in battle in 4592 AR against a band of adventurers led by the Lady Kayle of Taldor, who sacrificed herself so that the battle could be won.6 Maejerex's death halted her plans to invade Absalom with an army of minotaurs and harpies.8

Maejerex was said to be at least 500 years old upon her death.5


The harpy sorcerer Jerevyx claimed to be descended from Maejerex.9

The Pathfinder Society has shown interest in any draconic ruins related to Maejerex.10

Wards supposedly placed by Maejerex have been blamed for the unreliability of teleportation magic on the Isle of Kortos, though this has not been confirmed.4