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Maiaji was once the southernmost city in the nation of Hongal in Tian Xia. It is now the home to an army of ogres and hill giants, led by the ambitious ettin Nghiem. Nghiem is known for three things: his love of horse-flesh; his incredibly short temper; and his unbelievable fecundity. At last count, Nghiem has over four hundred sons and he has lost count of the number of his daughters. While Nghiem and Maiaji theoretically swear allegiance to the oni rulers of Chu Ye, in reality, Nghiem aspires to build a kingdom of his own and bows to no creature. The ruler of Hongal, Kiriltai Khan, is aware of the threat posed by Nghiem and Maiaji but has proved reluctant, at least so far, to send his own followers to deal with this threat, instead recruiting adventurers to try to deal with the problem.1


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