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Aliases Golden One
Titles Prince
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human (Tian-La)
Class Aristocrat 8 / Fighter 5
Gender Male
Homeland Ordu-Aganhei, Hongal

Source: Forest of Spirits, pg(s). 9

Prince Batsaikhar is the ruler of Ordu-Aganhei and brother of Kiriltai Khan, khan of Hongal. An enormous man, he is renowned for his etiquette, delicate words, insatiable lust (particularly toward foreign women), and perpetual smile. Although he views himself as a firm but fair ruler, citizens of Ordu-Aganhei live in fear of Batsaikhar, as he is willing to behead a hundred followers if angered, smiling as he does so. He is notorious in Hongal for being an enemy of dirt and preferring the comforts of civilisation over his people's nomadic life.[1][2]