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Chu Ye

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Chu Ye
Flag of Chu Ye.
Alignment Lawful evil
Capital Jyito
Ruler Shogun Tsuneni
Government Oni shogunate
Languages Giant, Hon-la, Minkaian, Samsaran, Senzar, Tien
Religions Femeiyoshi, General Susumu

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 20

A successor state of Imperial Lung Wa on the continent of Tian Xia, Chu Ye is a nation ruled by the malevolent shapechanging spirits known as oni. Before the fall of Lung Wa, Chu Ye was well-known for its healers and acupuncturists,[1] many of whom fled the oni along with their healing skills at the time of the fall of Lung Wa.[2] Even under the oni, humans kept in slavery by their oni masters practice their traditions in secret.[3]

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Chu Ye was originally founded as a province of Imperial Yixing in 302 AR. This was a because of one man, Soong Bai, a gifted but eccentric hermit who had a chance encounter with an explorer from Yixing. The explorer had been wounded by a diseased boar but Soong Bai was able to save him via the use of acupuncture, an art unknown in Yixing. When word of this miraculous new healing method reached the courts of Yixing, it was decided that the empire needed some sort of presence in the area. Thus was born Chu Ye.[4]

The fate of Chu Ye changed rapidly after the fall of Lung Wa in 4606 AR, and by 4613 AR the nation had fallen into the grasp of the oni.[4]


Due to the number of oni that dwell within Chu Ye, the nation serves as a centre of worship for Fumeiyoshi, the Lord of Envy, god of dishonour and patron deity of the oni.[5]


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