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Flag of Hongal.
Titles Tundra of the Horse Lords[1]
Alignment Neutral
Capital Ordu-Aganhei
Ruler Kiriltai Khan
Government Khanate of loosely affiliated tribes
Demonym Hongali
Adjective Hongali
Languages Hon-La, Minkaian, Senzar, Tien
Religions Abadar, Desna, General Susumu, Irori, Kofusachi, Yamatsumi
Images of Hongal

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 25

Hongal is the northernmost realm on the continent of Tian Xia. It is one of two main homes to the Tian-La people[2], who lead a semi-nomadic existence quite different from their more sedentary cousins to the south. Hongal is also one terminus of the dangerous Path of Aganhei, which heads north over the Crown of the World, ending in northern Avistan.[3][4]

Trade and outsiders

While Hongal is known for its two highly valuable trade routes (the Path of Aganhei that connects Tian Xia to Avistan, and the Spirit Road), the people of Hongal see them more as necessary evils, as they do not enjoy outsiders. Foreigners are fine as long as they travel along those roads, spend their coins, and keep moving onward, but anyone who strays too far from either of the two trade routes will find themselves attracting the wrong kind of attention.[5]


Ordu-Aganhei is technically the capital of Hongal, though the ruler of Hongal spends little time there. Instead, the nation's khan also rules the nation's most powerful nomadic tribe, and wanders with them as the greatest horseback riding tribe.[1] Traditionally, the ruler of Ordu-Aganhei is one of the khan of Hongal's brothers.[6]