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The Makers is the common name given to a poorly-understood species of humanoid sorcerers who fled to Golarion as refugees from a nightmarish realm where they were enslaved. Scholars disagree whether they fled here from another continent, another planet, or another plane, but they confirm that the Makers constructed the Gloomspires during the Age of Serpents off the western coast of Garund, due south of Mediogalti Island and south-west of the Eye of Abendego.1234


The Makers are thought to have been powerful wielders of magic as evidenced by the incredibly potent enchantments that can still be encountered in the Gloomspires thousands of years after their creation.3 The Makers seemed to have had a connection not only to the Outer Gods of the Dark Tapestry, specifically Nyarlathotep, but also to the bone sages of the planet Eox, whom some of the Makers chose to join.5 They are believed to have been incredibly long-lived, but not immortal.6 Their civilization seems to have died out or left the area before the rise of the cyclops Ghol-Gan empire at the end of the Age of Serpents.7 Only two Makers are known to have "survived" to the present as undead: the mated pair Tzur-Vaal and Aluu-Nekva, who haunted the Gloomspires until very recently.8