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Titles The Prophet
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Race/Species Android
Class Expert 1 / Ranger 14
Gender Male
Homeland Silver Mount, Numeria

Source: A Song of Silver, pg(s). 104f.

Malin the Prophet is an atheist android who zealously opposes gods and their worship, as he considers divine beings to be parasites who exploit the suffering of mortals for their own gain.[1]


Malin began his life as one of the androids serving and worshipping the Iron God Unity within the Silver Mount. He was badly injured during the reactivation of the robot Bastion, which crushed the left side of Malin's face as it reawakened. Unity ordered Malin's destruction as a result, forcing the injured android to flee for his life. He left the Silver Mount, and eventually fled Numeria entirely to avoid capture by Unity and the Technic League.[1]

Malin eventually reached Brevoy, where he was rescued by priests of Abadar. As his experiences with Unity had shaken his belief in faith and the divine, he saw the priests as people being used as labor by their god, like he was, and attempted to convince the priests that they should abandon their worship. This led to violent conflict with the priests, and Malin was forced to flee again after turning one of them away from Abadar and causing the deaths of nineteen others.[1]

After leaving the church of Abadar, Malin spent decades traveling and preaching against worship. He settled for a time in the atheist nation of Rahadoum until he was tracked down by the Technic League. He afterwards set out for Numeria, intending to bring his beliefs to his original homeland.[1]


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