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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Valley of the Brain Collectors
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Intellect devourer
Class Sorcerer 8
Homeland Scar of the Spider, Numeria
Organization Dominion of the Black

Source: Valley of the Brain Collectors, pg(s). 60

Maukui is a particularly devious intellect devourer stationed in the Dominion of the Black hive in the Scar of the Spider, Numeria. It wears the skin of a young void dragon and was responsible for the discovery of Casandalee'ss artificial intelligence (AI) core.[1]


Maukui was recruited by the Dominion from an obscure world orbiting a dead star. Due to its creative thinking with regard to the interface of organic and technological elements, Maukui was placed in stasis for a few millennia to prepare for its task: investigating the Divinity once it arrived at its destination.[1]

Maukui awoke when the Divinity approached Golarion and met Paajgat, a sacristan kyton recruited as a specialist thanks to her startling artistry with a razor. Her creativity and gruesome whimsy sat well with Maukui's own cruelty. The Dominion granted Maukui the body of a young void dragon, whose memories it discarded and whose body is prevented from decay by Paajgat's gentle repose spells.[1]

After a hive was established on Golarion, Maukui was given freedom to indulge in depraved ideas: cybernetic symbiosis, pain extension, ecstatic transmogrification, genetic retrofitting, etc., but especially inhabiting bodies other than that of its favourite dragon form, and revelling in hedonism. Eventually, it discovered Casandalee's AI core, which it deduced as a piece of technology beyond that of the Dominion's. It focused its mind on a singular goal: reverse engineer the AI, duplicate it, and infuse organically grown blank brains with intellects, perhaps even with souls, presenting a host of new opportunities for the Dominion while rising higher in the Dominion's ranks. However, after many years, Maukui failed to understand how the AI's mind worked until its superior, the yah-thelgaad Dweller-In-Dark-Places, grew impatient and confiscated the core to try more invasive procedures.[1][2]

Maukui resented how its greatest enigma was taken away, and hoped to steal Casandalee back before fleeing the Dominion. It developed a way to block observation of its chamber in such a way that Dweller-In-Dark-Places is unaware of the countermeasure and unable to discern its disloyalty.[1]