Menedes XXVI

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Menedes XXVI

Fallen Pharaoh
Human (assumed)
After 1532 AR
Source: Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs, pg(s). 6

The infiltration of Osirion and eventual overthrowing of Pharaoh Menedes XXVI—later called the Fallen Pharaoh—in 1532 AR by an invading Qadiran army marked the end of Osirian independence for over 3,000 years. This nadir was the culmination of years of neglect and corruption by pharaoh after pharaoh, and Osirion would not regain independence until the ascension of Khemet I in 4609 AR.123

The overthrow was aided in part by the Raiders of Rovagug's Hall, a hunting lodge of Absalom.4


The Praenomen

The Praenomen amulet, a magic item of rulership designed by Pharaoh Rehenet II, was lost in the final months of Menedes XXVI's rule when Keleshite agents ambushed its wearer, Menedes' Royal Envoy Wesefor, on a barge traveling from Sothis to An. The envoy, her staff, and their barge were discarded into the River Sphinx to be consumed by hetkoshus as the Keleshite attackers were unaware of the Praenomen's significance.5

Menedes XXVII

A man claiming to be Menedes XXVII arrived in Absalom in 1542 AR, purchased land outside of the city, and built a monument to his disgraced ancestors known as Sun Scarab's Keep. He was killed by Absalom's First Guard after requesting that city help reclaim Osirion from Qadira, and responded to officials' refusal by besieging the city with a plague from inside of the keep.6


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