Mouthpiece of Gurat

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Mouthpiece of Gurat
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Cyclops
Class Oracle 17
Gender Male
Homeland Gurat, Qadira

Source: Qadira, Jewel of the East, pg(s). 41

The Mouthpiece of Gurat is a cyclops of advanced age who dwelt in the city of Gurat in Qadira for over 300 years. He and his predecessors have offered wisdom and guidance to the satraps of Qadira and the Kelish Emperors for over 3,000 years, and the punishment for all others who approach the Mouthpiece is death.[1][2]

Despite this law, the Mouthpiece is willing to offer guidance to any visitor; brave adventurers who seek him out may learn a great deal about their destinies, although the danger of insanity is always present in such knowledge. The Mouthpiece has no proper name, having long forgotten it due to his advanced age, and now only speaks in cryptic phrases and riddles (and sometimes not even in words).[2]

It is believed that the oracle has lost his power to divine the future since the death of Aroden, but even if this is true, it has not prevented the rulers of Qadira from seeking his advice.[2]

He dwells in a cave in Gurat and is guarded by a thousand deaf eunuchs.[1][2]


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