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Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 150

Gurat is a citadel-city nestled high in the Southern Zho Mountains. The imposing city clings to the edge of a precarious mountain spire and is home of the Mouthpiece of Gurat, an ancient cyclops who serves as oracle for the emperor of Kelesh.2 Visitors are not allowed near the Mouthpiece, who is guarded by a thousand deafened eunuchs.3 It is believed that the town is named after one of the Mouthpiece's ancestors.[citation needed]

Gurat is considered a holy place to most Qadirans, and pilgrims visit in search of enlightenment. The settlement itself is relatively small, resting on the smallest and flattest of the Zho Mountains, and is surrounded by an 8-foot wall. Gurati locals, known for their open-fire cooking and their weaving, often sit outside their homes, selling their wares to passersby.1

The city also has scholarly colleges, with locals traveling there to engage in philosophical and mystical studies. Students are often seen in the streets, discussing such teachings with crowds and passer-byes. Aside from education and basic trade, specialty carpet weavings are often used for flying carpets34 and it is claimed that some of the woven patterns of their carpets hold secret prophesies, if one can find and interpret their own life thread path.1


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