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Mu spore

Mu spores are incredibly large, flying fungi.1


A mu spore appears as a colossal floating mass of fungus, with many dangling tentacles and a vast mouth. They fly by venting jets of spores, and this method makes them perfect flyers despite their vast bulk. The smallest mu spore is a hundred feet long from tentacle tip to tentacle tip, and weighs 200,000 pounds.1

Habitat and society

Mu spores typically live in large underground caverns, however, they sometimes drift up to the surface world. They suffer no penalties in sunlight, but they are usually active mainly at night. They are generally found either singly or in pairs and, despite their appearance, they are highly intelligent creatures.1


Mu spores fight by pounding their opponents with their tentacles, and biting them with their colossal mouths. They sometimes use their tentacles to grab foes within sixty feet of them. Those foolish enough to stand adjacent to the creatures risk being engulfed by the mass of sticky, short tendrils that grow out of its body.1

A mu spore can also use its spores for more than just flight. It is capable of exhaling a cone of spores which burrow into flesh (and wooden structures) to cause grievous damage. These spores do not affect plants.1

On Golarion

Mu spores are rarely seen on Golarion.1

Their secretions can be used as ingredients for several strange drugs,1 including the highly addictive midnight milk.2

Six mu spores, incredibly large even by the standards of the race, are known to fly over the Midnight Mountains region of Orv, in the Darklands.3


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