Natala Surtova

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Natala Surtova

Source: Stolen Land, pg(s). 65

Natala Surtova of Brevoy is sister to King Noleski and a leading member of House Surtova. As her brother is a bachelor, she has significant influence over him and many see her role as that of unofficial queen. She is jealous of potential brides for her brother, having special hatred for Elanna Lebeda in particular.1

Recent History

A prospective alliance between House Surtova and House Lebeda that would have symbolically united Rostland (Elanna Lebeda) and Issia (King Noleski Surtova) and brought much needed stability to fractured Brevoy, recently fell apart when Natala accused Lord Lander Lebeda of treason. Lord Lander disappeared soon thereafter, leaving the would-be bride to return home in humiliation. Since Lord Lander had been accused of harboring revolutionary sentiments numerous times during his youth, most of the Brevic nobility believed Natala's accusations. The notable exception were members of House Orlovsky, who claimed that the facts supporting the purported treason were contradictory and unclear, and countered that this was most likely Surtovan propaganda. This has caused a significant fracture between the houses of Surtova and Orlovsky, one that threatens to escalate into armed confrontation.23


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