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Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Human (Kellid)
Class Summoner 6
Gender Female
Homeland Mishkar, Iobaria
Born 4693 AR
Eidolon Dolok Darkfur

Source: Breath of the Dragonskull, pg(s). 11

Nelket is the leader and god caller of the Farheaven Clan, a Sarkorian clan living in exile in Mishkar, Iobaria.[1]


Nelket was born in the Farheaven Clan village in the Norinor forest and began training under the clan's god caller Roga from a young age. When she was ten, her clan was devastated by the slime fever. The sight of people wasting away broke the mind of Dolok Darkfur, Roga's eidolon and the Farheaven Clan's patron deity, and Darkfur became convinced that a merciful death was all he could give his people. After Darkfur killed Roga, Nelket fled with the clan's uninfected members, all young children, toward the Noyrus River and settled in the nearby town of Mishkar, where she worked as the manager of the Jolly Hag tavern.[2]

Intervention by the Pathfinder Society

In 4718 AR, agents of the Pathfinder Society came to the ruins of the Farheaven Clan's village and eradicated the slime fever, in the process restored Dolok Darkfur's mind. He then came to Mishkar, and Nelket allowed him to become her eidolon and resume his duties as protector of the Farheaven Clan. She also started to prepare a caravan for a migration, funded by the Society, back to the clan's ancestral home in Sarkoris.[3][4]