Farheaven Clan

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Dolok Darkfur and members of the Farheaven Clan watch Carlhon Keep near the Sarkoris Scar.

Farheaven Clan
Type Tribe
Leader Nelket
Headquarters Sarkoris Scar
Scope Local
Structure Tribal

Source: Pathfinder Society Guide, pg(s). 102f.

The Farheaven Clan, or Farheavens, are a group of Sarkorian humans who fled the opening of the Worldwound to Iobaria. With the help of the Pathfinder Society, the Farheaven Clan raised a new god-caller, Nelket, to bind with their clan god Dolok Darkfur, and returned to their ancestral lands in the Sarkoris Scar. Farheaven territory spans from the eastern edge of the Shudderwood to the recently purified Forest of Soldiers, which they call the Forest of Embers. The Farheaven Clan shares their lands and customs with their close allies, the Dragonskull tribe of goblins and the Redpine tribe of centaurs, who came with them from Iobaria.[1]


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