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Dolok Darkfur

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Dolok Darkfur
Dolok Darkfur.

God of the Farheaven Clan
Eidolon (formerly unfettered)1
Source: Scourge of the Farheavens, pg(s). 13

Dolok Darkfur is an eidolon worshipped as a deity by the Sarkorian Farheaven Clan: an old god of Sarkoris.21


Dolok takes the form of a bipedal bear with feathers that shine brilliantly with multiple colours.13


Dolok was once the eidolon of Roga, the clan's god caller and high priest.1 After Roga's death, he became an unfettered eidolon until bonded to Nelket, Roga's successor as god caller.4


Dolok Darkfur and four members of the Farheaven Clan preparing to take over demon-held Carlhon Keep.

When the Worldwound opened and Sarkoris fell to the subsequent demonic invasion, Dolok led the Farheaven Clan east to settle in the Norinor forest in Iobaria, where they lived in peace for several decades.1

In 4703 AR, a woodcutter from the clan cut down a tree without realising that it is infected with slime fever, a plague that had lain dormant for more than a century. The woodcutter carried the disease to the Farheaven Clan's village, and within days, the clan elders were dead. Concerned about their people and feeling guilt over their inability to protect them, Dolok and Roga entered the forest in search of the tree so they could find the cure. Although they managed to locate the tree, they were unable to find a cure, while Roga was exposed to the disease.1

When Dolok and Roga returned to the village, the sight of people wasting away broke Dolok's mind, and he became convinced that a merciful death was all he could give his people. When he killed Roga, Roga's apprentice Nelket gathered the tribe's uninfected members and fled north to Mishkar. Only Dolok remained in the abandoned village. Overcome with self-loathing after killing his people, he desecrated his own shrine.156

In 4718 AR, agents of the Pathfinder Society destroyed the source of the disease, cleared Dolok's madness and reunited him with Nelket, allowing him to serve as the Farheaven Clan's patron again. Since then, he has spent much time sharing his knowledge about Sarkorian traditions and history with the Society.74

In 4719 AR, Dolok led his clan on a migration to reclaim their ancestral lands in the Sarkoris Scar.8