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Occult magic

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This article covers the magical tradition associated with bards and certain aberrations. For ritualistic occult magic, see occult rituals. For the mundane philosophy of occult study, see occultism.
Bards often dabble in the occult magical tradition.

Occult magic, also known as the occult magical tradition, is a magical tradition rooted in esoteric and alien knowledge of the multiverse's mysteries.[1]

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Occult magic often attracts diviners, hermits, scholars,[2] and bards.[3][4] Certain sorcerers whose bloodline traces back to aberrations and hags also practice occult magic.[5] Fell gnomes are also drawn to occult magic.[6]

On Golarion

Occult magic is a component of some Mualijae, Ilverani, and Vourinoi magic, often in the forms of thought-reading and telepathy.[7]

Cheliax, Druma, and Ustalav are nexuses of occult activity in the Inner Sea region, which also makes them hotbeds of occult magic.[8] The Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye specializes in occult studies,[9] and Kelesh incorporates occult calculations into its imperial rule.[10]

The Pathfinder Society's quest for knowledge is often compatible with occult studies, including occult magic.[11]

The final blades of Galt are inherently infused with occult magic.[12]