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Olansa Terimor

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Olansa Terimor

Gray Queen
City Planner
Source: Ruins of the Radiant Siege, pg(s). 91

Olansa Terimor is a member of Absalom's Low Council and serves as City Planner. She gained and maintained this position with the use of cunning spycraft, either ingratiating herself or blackmailing her fellow council members.2 She is also a prominent property dealer and an open worshipper of Norgorber.3 Despite being a member of the Low Council instead of the High Council, she has unusual access to members of the latter, including acting Primarch Wynsal Starborn.1


Olansa is a tall woman with dark, sharp features, who appears far younger than a person in their fifties.45


In her youth, Olansa served as an apprentice under Chelaxian merchant Alma Zirendrian. During this time, she familiarised herself with Absalom's criminal underworld and became a devout follower of Norgorber's Gray Master aspect. Before she was 20, Olansa refused Zirendrian's offer of full employment, then stole the entire cargo on board her patron's latest outbound ship and orchestrated its sinking before it could reach Osirion.5

Olansa spent the next decade training her skills in larceny by committing ever-more ambitious heists. She then took up adventuring in the Inner Sea region, regularly betraying partners-in-crime and adventuring companions alike (most died less than a year past partnering with her). During this time, she encountered Blune Bandersworth, whom she saw as a kindred spirit and potential future ally.5

Olansa then returned to Absalom with the wealth she acquired and began working as a speculator, investor, and developer. Underneath her immaculate public image, Olansa extorted businesses through loopholes and raised herself as the Gray Queen, an anonymous power within Norgorber's cult.5

In 4720 AR, Olansa supported Blune Bandersworth in his bid for a contract to transform the Precipice Quarter (which had been devastated by the earthquake of 4698 AR) into the heart of the upcoming Radiant Festival. They were mostly successful in this endeavor, particularly with the use of the magical artifact, the Cane of the Maelstrom.6


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