Orc double axe

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The dromaar Wrathack wields an orc double axe.

An orc double axe is an orc-developed weapon with axe heads on both ends of a long haft. Orcs wield these devastating weapons with fluid motions more akin to a quarterstaff than a greataxe.1

On Golarion

Aside from its use by orcs, the orc double axe is also the favored weapon of the orc pantheon deity Nulgreth,2 and is featured in his holy symbol.3

The dromaar Magnus Boldheart of the Gladiators' Guild in Katapesh wields a vorpal orc double axe dubbed the Stumper, its haft notched for each kill.4

While not an orc, the two-headed atamahuta oni specializes in the double axe's use.56


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