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Paueliel trees (pronouced PAW-ehl-ee-ehl)[1] are silver barked softwoods that grow enormously tall. With all of this height, the trees always remain skinny, never more than a few feet in diameter. They are known as the 'first trees' by most of the world. Lumberjacks superstitiously think that these trees are related to the First World, giving these trees a wide berth when logging in an area. There are a few examples of dryads living in paueliel trees, and reports of tatzlwyrms living high in the upper branches.[2][3]

On the rare occasions that paueliel is harvested and turned into lumber, it is harder than darkwood and sells for 150% of its price.[3]

Known Stands of Paueliel

Paueliel are known to grow in the Palakar Forest of central Druma, but are cut only occasionally, thanks to the long-term conservation strategies of Macridi's lumber mills.[4] They have also been spotted in a section of the Arthfell Forest known as the Etherveil,[5] in Darkmoon Wood,[6] in the Verduran Forest,[7] and in the Echo Wood in the River Kingdoms.[8]