Palakar Forest

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The Palakar Forest is located in the center of the mercantile nation of Druma, between the Five Kings Mountains and the waters of Lake Encarthan. It is divided into roughly three sections by the waters of the Profit's Flow and Great Goldpan Rivers, which meet at the city of Macridi. Each of the three sections is ruled by a different fey court (one which is dominated by satyrs, one by nymphs, and the third by dryads). Members of each of these courts rarely travel into the territory of another, and conflict between the groups is relatively common.1

Fey relationship with Macridi

Unlike in other logging communities, the humans of Macridi do not clear cut the Palakar. Due to the influence of the Prophecies of Kalistrade that preach long-term profits above all else, the logging companies instead take a longer view. They only fell the choicest and most valuable trees, leaving most of the forest intact. This has generated so much good will with the local fey courts, that occasionally fey even act as scouts for the lumber companies, pointing out particularly impressive darkwood or paueliel trees.1


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